Ms. CHAN LI LI is a consultant of INFOR-PACIFIC CONSULTANCY SERVICES Pte Ltd. She has helped develop many strategic initiatives together with top-level management of a variety of SMEs to meet their medium to long-term objectives over the past three years. Projects include enhancement of productivity, reduction of operational costs, improvement of the bottom-line, development of marketing techniques, and increasing the overall competitiveness of companies to deal with the challenges of a new economic environment and the emergence of global markets

Ms. Chan is actively involved in the lecturing and training circuits and specializes in human resource management associated subjects for the undergraduate programs of several foreign universities in Singapore. She has facilitated a variety of training programs for management staff, non-management employees as well as military officers and non-commissioned officers.

She holds a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Business Administration from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, and a Diploma in Administrative Management, IAM, UK.